As per the NYC DOB Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), formerly Local Law 11 of 1998, a periodic facade inspection on all buildings within the five boroughs of New York City greater than six stories in height (or any individual wall(s) greater than six stories in height on otherwise exempt buildings). A report detailing findings from this inspection must be submitted to the Department of Buildings categorizing the building as SAFE, SWARMP (safe with a repair and maintenance program), or UNSAFE. The report must also include a description of required repair work, along with a timeline for performing these repairs. Our offices QEWI (qualified exterior wall inspector) and our experienced staff can provide this service along with a subsequent plan for Façade Repair and Restoration.
Our FISP Projects

In January 2020, the New York City Department of Buildings issued its rule change for the 9th Cycle of the Facade Inspection Safety Program. Major changes include:
■ Hands-on inspections are required every 60 feet along facades facing streets and public access ways.
■ Investigative probes are required along every 60-foot interval of cavity wall facade every other cycle (i.e. Cycle 9, Cycle 11), to check for the presence and condition of wall ties.
■ Owners must post and maintain a facades conditions certificate in the lobby to alert building occupants of the status of the exterior wall(s).

■ Block numbers ending in 4, 5, 6, or 9: Reports must be filed between Feb 21, 2020 and Feb 21, 2022
■ Block numbers ending in 1, 7, or 8: Reports must be filed between Feb 21, 2021 and Feb 21, 2023
■ Block numbers ending in 1, 2, or 3: Reports must be filed between Feb 21, 2022 and Feb 21, 2024